It merges multiple AXI-4 connections and merges them into one.

Uses block RAM for storing.

HM-3008I Tuner input (ASI input) multiplexer scrambler is the latest multiplexing and scrambling device for digital TV broadcasting head-end system. 7.



AXI Verification IP Test Example. The mux-scrambler 2 groups of ASI output and 2 corresponding IP output (share one gigabit DATA port, RJ45 interface). 15.


Supports priority and round-robin arbitration. You should have atleast two inputs in your design with names,. .

15. 14.

AMBA* 4 AXI-Lite Bus Width 5.

Open vivado, Go to Tools---> Create and Package New IP choose Create AXI4 Peripheral and choose Number of master outputs and slave Inputs (Here i am selected 2 slave.

There are one set out rege which this protocol chases to send the file (data has to be kept safe). DVB T/S Multiplexer, 2 Asi+6 Tuners Input 8 Channels TV Multiplexer.

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As soon as the transmitter is ready, the TREADY_RXD signal of the AXI-Stream interface is set, whereby the master is informed.

Figure 6.


Multiplexer is abbreviated as Mux. Use with axis_frame_join to form a single monolithic frame from multiple monitored points with the same trigger. .

0) x. Avalon® Streaming. AXI Multiplexer. . 2. 14.

AMBA* 4 AXI-Lite Protocol Specification Support (version 2.

AMBA* 4 AXI-Lite Bus Width 5. AMBA* 4 AXI-Stream Manager and Subordinate Interface Signal Types 6.

Seven segment multiplexer.