. MG42 machinegun replica.


The stock and grip panels are made from real wood, also with a period correct stain.

Ametralladora media MG42 de AGM. . Only two relatively high-end collectible-grade models of AEG MG42 guns—the G&G MG42 Airsoft Machine Gun and the Shoei MG42 EBB—are now available for the.

Textured pistol grip panels.

Made of metal and wood just like the original. Batería y cargador de. .

Réplica de Airsoft MG42 Fabricante: AGM: código: FB3395: Opiniones Opiniones Verificadas - escritas por compradores-Liam, 23. Valoraciones (0) Hop Up: SI.

This gun is a must have for any WWII enthusiast or collector due to its level of detail.

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Handguard ventilation slots as per the real MG42. .

. O replică mult așteptată a binecunoscutului, introdus în 1942 mitralieră Machinengewehr 42 – MG42.

WWII German MG 42 Gunner Elite At Rest 1944-45 Fine Art Poster Print Drawing WW2.
El cuerpo es metálico y la culata de madera.


Thanks to AGM company, another real treat for history weaponry and historical airsoft enthusiasts has emerged on the market.

The included Box Mag holds 2500 BB’s and features Auto Wind, whereby the Mag automatically winds when the trigger is pulled and unlike the majority of Box Mag’s, it’s powered by four, easily obtainable AA batteries. Automatic electric airsoft gun (AEG). "Right then you orrible lot this week on.

99 Qty. The whole structure of metal (flash hider, barrel, barrel change flap, weapon receiver, grip, trigger, receiver cover, front sight and rear sight) mainly ZnAl. Handguard ventilation slots as per the real MG42. 01. Referencia SKAC11946.


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From steel is a bipod, barrel change latch, cocking slide, cocking handle, feed tray with cartridge stop and rear anti-aircraft sight.


The drum magazine is designed to fit snug against the rifle to retain a low-profile, and features auto-winding technology saving you precious time during reloads.